Mission & Values

Our Mission

It is the mission of the division of enrollment management to connect tomorrow's leaders with today's opportunities.

Our Values

Collaboration: Our relationship with all stakeholders facilitates the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions. Collaboration between our offices and the campus community is key to the realization of the enrollment and retention goals of the university.

Diversity: We value the differences between and among us and in those we serve. Diversity enriches the learning environment and promotes understanding in the campus community and beyond. The exchange of ideas, values and opinions in our division prepares us to appreciate diversity and to support the university's membership in the global community.

Excellence: Excellence is the cornerstone of academic distinction. We value quality, both in the achievements of faculty and students and in our efforts to support their success. We continually strive to deliver superior service to students, faculty, staff, and alumni in all of our interactions.

Integrity: Our credibility relies upon acting with integrity in the conduct of our business. Our offices provide vital support to the university and our interactions with everyone must be above reproach. We therefore practice doing and saying what is "right" in all facets of our daily work.

Respect: The integral worth of colleagues, parents, and students should be affirmed with continual respect and courtesy. We respect ourselves and each other not only for our roles in our work, but for who we are. This internal respect for each other is the cornerstone on which the foundation of our respect for all members of the university community is based.

Service: An attitude of service is essential to our support of our students, faculty and staff and to those who collaborate with us to promote their success. Outstanding service is achieved by the application of creative solutions to meet the needs of those whom we serve. Our offices endeavor to approach all internal and external interactions with courtesy and patience.

Fun, Supportive Workplace: Our offices foster a daily attitude of good humor, thus assuring an environment of genial productivity. We endeavor to cultivate teamwork and promote good morale within our workplace, and to celebrate individual and collective achievements. The positive atmosphere of our offices encourages the generation of creativity and ideas.